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The Stellavox SP9 Modular System:
interchangeable plug-in headblocks

The SP9, the most recent portable tape recorder built by Stellavox in the tradition of skilled Swiss craftmanship, is a result of over 25 years of experience in the professional sound recording field. With its modularity and its reliability, the SP9 fulfils all expectations a professional user could have.

Unique Modularity
The Stellavox SP9 is the only professional portable tape recorder in the world in which format, functions and tape alignment can be changed instantly by simply exchanging plug-in headblocks and accessories.

The cost for transforming a mono machine into a stereo version with time code is only the expense of a new plug-in headblock and modules.

Proven Reliability
These machines have been tested for years by the most demanding professional sound engineers and have proven resistant to extremes such as heat and cold, sand and ice around the world.

Machines as old as 20 years are still regularly returned to the factory for maintenance and repairs.

With its extreme reliability, proven technology and unique modularity, the SP9 really is THE sound investment.

Headblock Modular System:

Stellavox SP9: Technical Data

Know for its sonic superiority, the Stellavox SP9 displays a set of technical specifications unique in the industry.

General Dimensions
Tape width
8,3 x 21,5 x 27 cm
4,5 - 5,0 kg
6,35 mm (?')
Tape transport        Speeds

Speed stability
Wow and Flutter DIN45507
Reel capacity
3,75 - 7,5 - 15 ips
9,5 - 19 - 38 cm /s
13 cm (26 with ABR)
5 inches (10,5 with ABR)
Power Supply 15 AA cells or accus
Mains adaptator (APS9) 
15 - 26 V
110 - 260 V
Consumption Play / Record 140 mA
Inputs 2 Microphones
   max. sensivity
   attenuator on mike input
   Filter (bass cut)
2 Lines with controls
2 Lines (from console)
1 Pilot
1 Clapper
200 ohms (balanced)
0,18 mV
0/ -10/ -20/ -30 dB
-6/ -12 dB/ Oct.
0,025 - 12 V (10 kohms)
1,55 V
0,5 - 2 V
+10 - +20 V
Outputs 2 Lines unbalanced
2 Lines balanced (with SOT8)
1 Pilot (with SXQ)
1,55 V
1,55 / 4,4 V (200 / 600 ohms)
1 - 1,5 V
Mike-Powering Built-in, switchable
separately per channel
P48, P12, T12 V
or dynamic
Modulometer Double, integration time 10 ms

Audio Recording and Playback

Nominal recording level
Reference level 0 dB
Maximal peak rec level
Erase efficiency at 1 kHz
0dB ?320 nWb /m
+ 6 dBm
+ 4 dBm
80 dB
0dB ?514 nWb /m

+ 4 dBm
80 dB
Recording / Playback
at 19 cm /s (7,5 ips)
Frequency response ?2 dB
Distorsion 1 kHz 514 nWb /m

20 - 16000 Hz
< 2%

30 - 18000 Hz
< 2%
> 55 dB
Signal to noise ratio

ASA filter 514 nWb /m
CCIR 468 peak
unweighted 20 - 20000 Hz
19,05 cm /s

38,1 cm /s

19,05 cm /s

38,1 cm /s

67 dB
54 dB
61 dB

Options and Accessories

Type of application: 1 - Master Recording,  2 - Radio,   3 - Film,  4 - TV/Video 1 2 3 4
Power Supply and charger, APS9
Mains input voltage: 110-260 V-AC
APS9 outputs: 2 x 24 V-DC
Leather Case, ALS/ALC
Clapper Oscillator, SXQ023
Oscillator with clapper and pilot preamplifier
Crystal Module, SXQ123
Like SXQ023 with 50/60 Hz precision crystal Oscillator
Synchronizer Module, SQS
Like SXQ plus playback synchronizer for 50/60 Hz (Mains or Crystal) or ext. pilot
Demodulator Module, SCD
Time-code signal (SMPTE) to 50 Hz converter (60 Hz on request)
Limiter Module, SIL
High quality, pluggable limiter
Attack:      approx. 1/1000 s
Release:   approx. 300/1000 s
Threshold +2,5 dB
Headblock, SHD . . . .
Mono Full Track M-1/2
Mono Full Track + Neopilot MPN-1/2
Stereo Half Track 2 x 2,0 mm S-1/2
Stereo Master 2 x 2,7 mm SMR-1/2
Stereo + Center Track (SMPTE) SPS-1/2
Universal MSP-1/-
Time Code Generator (SMPTE, 50/60 Hz), ATC-3
Settable to a external Masterclock or independently
Reel Extension, ABR
For reel diameter up to 26,5 cm (10,5'')
Line Preamplifier, ALP8
Converting line-input of SP9 into two more mike-inputs. Containing 48/12 V mike powering for condensator microphones
Microphone Preamplifier, APA-T
Input balanced 200 ohms - gain approx. 20 dB, distorsion: <0,1%
Microphone Line Preamplifier, AMA-D
Converts one of the adjusable line inputs of the SP9 into a microphone input (dynamic microphones only)
Vari Speed, ASV8
For speed variation of ?10% discrete or in steps of 1% (at 19 cm/s)
Tape Counter, AMC
Battery Container, ACU8
For NiCd accumulator recharging
minimum equipment for one specific application
accessories completing the minimum equipment or upgrading the SP9 for other applications
These parts are not needed for specific applications and can be left away for price reduction. A later installlation in the SP9 for upgrading is possible any time.
ABR Big Reel Adaptor
Easy to mount on the SP9 tape recorder, allowing the use of 12'' reels. With its lightweight and compactness it is the ideal accessory for longplay recordings.

ASV 8 Speed variator
Perfectly adapted to the drive system of the SP9, the ASV allows precisely controlled speed variation at 7,5 ips

ALP 8 Line Preamplifier
This unique accessory provide two more microphones inputs to the SP9. Music-speech switch as well as the four position switch for the choise of microphone powering 48/12V phantom, 12V parallel and the built-in gain attenuation for condenser microphones make it a very usefull item for each sound engineer.

APS 9 Power Supply and Charger
Allows the simultaneous powering or charging of two units thanks to its two DC outputs.

AMC Tape Counter
Produced in the same professional swiss craftmanship as all mechanical parts of the SP9, this unit is an useful help for cueing and fits on all Stellavox machines of the SP line.

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