mystère ENG Sound System

A Unique System of Adapters
allows the integration of up to 4 HF receivers and 2 HF transmitters, thus protecting the equipment while offering unparalleled freedom for wor-king with wireless.

The Ergonomic Layout of the controls and switches, together with the itactileidentification of the master con-trols, makes “blind operation” of the mixer very easy.

Humidity Resistant Electronics,
transformer-balanced inputs and rugged construction guarantee the reliability of the mixer under the roughest conditions.

External Equipment such as transmitters, receivers, MD or DAT recorders can be powered by the mixer’s battery.

Standard Batteries as used with
cameras can be fixed to the top of the
mixer using standard adapter plates.

The Mystère MWS
is the result of
intense feedback
from both users
and experienced

The Mystère MWS is easily incorporated into mobile recording systems for ENG/EFP, location recording, etc. Due to its innovative design, the mixer contributes substantially to the reliability of the whole system.

mystere MWS assembly

The Modular Wireless System protects both the transmitters and receivers, as well as eliminating all of the risks inherent with cables such as intermittent connections, phase–inversion, mechanical damage, etc. Two HF Docking Bays are located on the cover surface. When no adapters are fitted, two isolation plates protect the gold-plated connectors against damage and short circuits. These connectors carry the audio signals plus the current required to power the HF equipment. Sophisticated circuitry routes the signals and current through to three possible locations. This allows the set-up of three adapters on each Docking Bay. When using receivers and transmitters, the receivers must be mounted first on the mixer with the transmitters on the top. When using transmitters only, these are mounted directly on the cover of the mixer.

Advantages of the system

No cable connections between the mixer and HF equipment
Highest possible reliability due to rugged gold-plated connectors
Power status of all connected equipment at a glance via Digi-View display
All unused audio outputs of the mixer are available for other applications

Substantial reduction in the cost of HF equipment

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